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Can You Get Irs Unclaimed Money?
By Jason Donna
According to a recent survey, it has been found that the internal revenue service has a huge deposit of free funds in the form of IRS unclaimed funds lying in its kitty. IRS unclaimed is said to have $70 million in the form of income tax refunds alone and these belong to the public. This is the figure of a single year-2006. So you have a good chance of claiming your IRS unclaimed back.

If we go into details then a total of $30 billion is lying with the government in the form of IRS unclaimed money. The reason behind this phenomenal amount is the fact that most companies or individuals have simply forgotten that their is lying with the government.

Another major reason this has gone unclaimed is people simply forget about the or didnít know it was owed to them in the first place. The reason why we forget could be a serious illness or disability and of course death. It is therefore advisable to keep a track of your unclaimed or else someone else might take advantage of the situation and redeem your unclaimed amount.

IRS unclaimed in the state of California alone amounts to a whooping $5.5 billion and they say that one in every five individuals

has a share in this IRS unclaimed money. Now the irony lies in the fact that the state government is least bothered in locating the rightful owners of IRS unclaimed and they seem satisfied having a feast over the ever mounting funds. So, you need to keep a record of your investments and prepare a list of those financial institutions you seem to have pushed your funds into.

If you thought you were the only one who suffered at the hands of the state, think again, for celebrities like Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson and the information and technology giant, Microsoft corporation have not been spared of its wrath either. They have a large claim in the pool of IRS unclaimed money. The state, instead of trying to redirect the funds back to its rightful owners, is quite satisfied using them to resolve their budget deficits. So, itís time you got your IRS unclaimed by paying a visit to the local authorities.

To find your IRS unclaimed and other potential missing owed to you conduct a search for IRS unclaimed using your full name.

A simple search could mean thousands of dollars in your pocket! So, what are you waiting for? Search your name for missing today!

Jason Donna offers more information about unclaimed money at www.cashunclaimed.com. CashUnclaimed's database unclaimed money search covers all state and federal databases. Click on www.cashunclaimed.com for a FREE unclaimed money search and locate your missing money today!

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