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How To Make Money With Domain Names
By ProfitMonitor
Domaining is like buying a real estate on the internet. You buy a certain domain name for a few dollars to sell or profit from it now or in the future. A person who involves himself in the domaining industry is called a “Domainer”.

There are many ways to make fortune with domain names. To give you some idea I know, here they are:

1. Domain Parking - This is one of the simplest way to earn from a domain’s organic traffic. Register a domain name which you don’t intend to use and park it to a domain parking website. You make from it even without turning the domain name into a website or blog. An unused domain name is used to display relevant advertisements. Every time a visitor clicks on one of the ads, you earn a revenue.

2. Buy Expired Domains Names - A lot of people sometimes forget to renew or intentionally abandon their domain names which leads to expiration. If you pick them up, you get instant traffic, links, and bookmarks which you can use to earn money. You can sell the domain back to its previous owners but you might wanna check out the rules of the TLD and UDRP first.

3. Buy and Sell Domain Names - If you think

a certain domain name will increase its value in the future, register it before someone else does and auction it on the internet. A good domain name can be sold to willing buyers for a very high price.

4. Put Up Directory Of For Sale Domain Names - Take for example a site like SEDO. You can make putting up a website which allows domain owners to list their for sale domain names. You can either charge them to list their domain names or get a commission for every successful sale.

5. Start A Domain Management Service - Thousands of webmasters and domain owners sometimes have a large list of owned domain names. Managing them requires a lot of hard work and time. You can offer them a service to help them manage their domain names like running DNSes, reminding them to renew, etc.

6. Establish A Domain Research Service - A lot of people including companies are taking hard times thinking of the most appropriate domain name for their sites, blogs, products, services, or company. This is where you can intervene. You can offer a service to help them make the research. If you are lucky enough, you can get a contract which can pay you a lot of money.

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