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Do You Have Money Invested Abroad?
By JeepnDave
Do you invest abroad? The investors that are courageous enough to keep funds in global stock markets, goody for you. It was only a few days ago that I saw an updated article at an investment advice website and it point out the five stock markets abroad that have given the best return for investors on their investments over the past year. As you may have expected none of the countries discussed would have been on my investment radar and if you did then your investments most likely did pretty well for you and better than most people :roll:

So what countries made the list according to the post? The places listed in the article were Chile, Columbia, Venezuela, Tunisia and South africa. Of all those countries listed, Venezuela was the only market to give back a return on the positive side and they were the only country to do that in the past year. So do not feel to upset if you were not savvy enough to spread your out to investments in global markets. Pretty much every global market failed to to get your a good return on your investments besides one. Unfortunately there is that threat of a dictatorship and nationalization of the country. Not really a country that is enticing to foreign investors.

I suppose the point of the article at least to me was to show investors that there is still a lot of to be made by investing in other stock markets. Granted you do have to do a bit more digging than you may have done before as the better investments are still out there. Thanks to the miserable of the global market both abroad and at home.

Discovering the option on your investments in the stock markets over seas may not be as simple as in the past but that shouldn't mean that you should stop you from investing in the global markets. Investing over

seas is more incredibly important to growth of your investments success than ever. Spreading your investments is vital to assure that your investments will continue it's growth for the future. For the majority of us the thought of investing even a little bit of your in stock markets anywhere may seem like a big gamble that you are not will to take right now. I think you can say that there are not many of us that have not been pushed to our financial limits in the last year as we all have seen the markets come crashing back down to earth.

Don't know about you and the condition of your but I know a couple of people that have lost small fortunes in the last year. A lot of them have really worked hard to to hang on to the they had left and have kept investing their money. Each one of them have managed to stay just as diverse as they were before or have spread their investments even further to shield their investments from anymore losses on their investment accounts.

Considering the past year what effect do you think this past year has had on the individual investor? I suppose the majority of would have taken their out of stock markets altogether or do you think that the majority of stock investors have managed to keep their fears in check and kept pushing their investments to be stronger than before? It will be fun to see when the financial dust finally settles from all this economical recession to see how investors will start investing their again? Will funding investments over seas recover better than ever or will investors keep away so much that it may be a couple of years until investments overseas see the kind of interest that investors have been willing to do in the last couple of years before the global economies collapsed.
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