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25 Of The Best Tactics To Turn Yourself Into Money Saving Expert
By Rob Grant
Today, we are living in tough times. The entire global economy is on a downswing and we must do what we can to save our as much and as early as possible even if it wants us to “force” ourselves for doing it. Yes, we can't change the big scenario alone, but we at least can take hold of our own circumstances and make changes now to help ensure the security of our household.

Here are some major steps you can take in order start saving money.

I-Write down every penny you spend on a daily basis and regularly so that you can see and check what, where and why you are spending your on.

II-Get rid of what you don't need, wander around your home, search and choose the things that you don't need, sell them.

III-Refinance the mortgage on your home to decrease your house payments by several hundred dollars.

IV-Cut back on entertainment expenses. For example, instead of purchasing your favorite DVD, you can either look online for used versions or rent the movie. You can do the same with music and video games.

V-Educate your kids about how to save money. Make them understand how important is and the impact that it will have on their lives.

I-Open a saving account and determine how you will be saving everyday, month, quarter, mid year and every year and you will be well-prepared and equipped economically, especially when unseen circumstances arise.

II-You can ask your employer to put at least 10% of payment into a high interest bank account, after a while you won’t miss it.

III-You can think of putting your funds into a term deposit to keep them there for several months and not withdrawing.

IV-If your life partner is a good saver, you can ask him / her to open a personal bank account where you can deposit and secure your without having your own access to it.

V-Using an interest-based current account will give you an advantage of withdrawing with cheques or ATM. You will have to always leave some balance in the account daily and it will yield interest.

I-Get the best discounts on the things you buy and need to buy so that you do not over pay and you are satisfied with your purchase.

II-Look for freebies, rent instead of buying and buy things in bulk, use recycle papers and look for used good off the internet.

III-Utilize package deals on cable, internet, and phone from cable companies at a discounted


IV-Clipping and using coupons is a great way to save on everyday expenses. Coupons are abundant through local newspapers and the mail and are very easy to collect, and you can really get quite a few fairly quick.

V-During shopping, get benefit of various consumer offers and sales.g. buy one get one free. For grocery shopping, check if you can search for some big whole sales stores instead of making expensive purchases at typical retail shops.

I-Reduce your electricity bills by turning off the lights when not used or turning up the temperature of your refrigerator. Use florescent light bulbs in your house. Only use the dishwasher when it is full.

II-Think of replacing your old appliances with energy-saving devices which carry labels being an energy saver.

III-If you insulate your home, it will reduce the cost of heating and cooling.

IV-If you're a homeowner, consider converting over to a gas water heater. They are very efficient and hence will help you save your over a course of time.

V-You can save gasoline for your car by checking tires regularly, accelerating and decelerating gradually while moving and unloading the extra weight. Keep filters/converters clean and if possible, try to keep windows and sunroofs closed especially at high speeds.

1-You can lend to financial institutions for a specified time so that, later, your can be repayed to you with interest. A lot of investing options are available nowadays, such as bonds, insurances, stocks, etc.

2-Avoid being in debt and manage your investment plans well. Refrain from debts that involve high interest rates.

3-If you like a long-term saving plan, you can also choose the insured market account. As it is for a long time period, the financial institute offers a good interest rate.

4-You can also invest your in collectibles and other items that will grow in value over time. You know that they are going to grow, so you hold on to them until the time comes that you need to sell them.

5-You should also focus on the primary investment areas e.g. stock market, share market, real estate, business, partnerships, joint ventures etc. Select an option that is best suitable for you.

In short, if one knows the right way, it's not hard to save money. With some thinking, innovation and self-restraint, you can hold your precious to a big extent.
Rob Grant is a writer for many finance related articles on the internet and writes for the Bank Savings Account Australia site where you can get a savings account online

We strive to provide only quality articles, so if there is a specific topic related to money that you would like us to cover, please contact us at any time.

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