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Does The Us Owe You Unclaimed Money
By Arthor Pens
Whether you call it US lost or US unclaimed money, the long forgotten checking and bank accounts, stock or cash dividends, checks which were never cashed, gift certificates, orders and a host of other financial assets which lie unclaimed in the state department treasury can well be yours. Yes, the government does owe you but it conveniently forgets all about it because it needs to balance its budget deficits. What more-it coolly gets away with it saying that the funds were a part of the US unclaimed money.

If we take the example of the State of California, we would realize that on an annual basis, a mind blowing $300 million are added to US unclaimed money. US lost is being unrightfully used to boost the states treasury while its true owners are being deprived of their basic rights. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are one of the few renowned celebrities along with Keanu Reeves and Adam Sandler who are victims to the US lost money.

Inside reports have it that the state owns thousands of dollars to these stars in the form of US lost but has failed to return even a single cent. While thousands of dollars are owned to these public figures, the state government is taking

no concrete steps to return their dues. The reason they give is that the rightful owners could not be found. Well, how difficult is it to find Hollywood actors or actresses. If the government is facing trouble locating these celebrities, it's about time they took help from the paparazzi.

US unclaimed is not only owed to celebrities, there is $35 billion or more owed to Americans just like you. US unclaimed in just the state of California alone amounts to approximately $5 billion and this is on an annual basis. You can imagine the what US lost could do for its rightful owners.

US unclaimed is automatically transferred to the state treasury if their owners fail to claim their time. But when the government knows who their rightful owners are and can locate them as well, what stops the authorities from returning the funds. This is a question each one of us needs to ask the government.

The only real way to ensure that you get US unclaimed that might be owed to you is to search for it. A simple search using your first and last name will find and tell you what lost is found for you. So, what are you waiting for? Search for your unclaimed today!
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