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How To Make Money With Craigslist - Some Helpful Tips
By earl stringer
There are so many ways to make online these days, that it is increasingly getting easier and easier for individuals looking to make a part-time or full-time income online. This article will take a look at one particular way to make online. What I am referring to is Craigslist.

Craigslist is the fastest growing buyer/seller website on the internet thus far. Those willing to put a little time and effort into learning Craigslist are realizing that it can be a very profitable and easy way to make some online

Just like with anything, there are better ways of doing things then others, and Craigslist is no different. Listed below, in no particular order are some easy tips you can use when looking to make with Craigslist.

Start Selling Things You Already Own - This is the best way to get started making on Craigslist. Doing this will get you some quick cash, but most importantly, it will get you used to how Craigslist works. Find the things around the house that you no longer want or need and start there. It could be some clothes in the back of your closet that you never wear, or maybe some old toys that your kids don't play with anymore.

Have A Detailed Ad Title - What I mean by this is, put as much information as you can about the item that you are selling in your ad titles. You only have so many

characters to use, so be smart about it. If you can put a model number, brand name or model year, put it in there. Try to make it enticing, you want people to want to click on your ad.

Write A Good Description - In your ad description, you want to give as much information on your item as you can. You also should be very honest about the item you're selling. If there is a scratch or a dent on it, let it be known in the ad. People like doing business with honest sellers.

Price Low - Make sure that your asking price is reasonable. Over pricing is easily detected by Craigslist buyers and will probably get your ad ignored. See what other people selling similar items are asking and try to compete with them. If your asking price is to high, you're going to get ignored; if your asking price is way lower than the competition, people will think something is wrong with your item.

Respond Quickly - You want to make sure that you respond to interested buyers as soon as you can. Craigslist is a very fast moving site, so you want to close the deal before something else catches their eye.

Build Relationships - After you make a sale, you should always ask the buyer "would it be ok to contact them if you have other products that you may be selling". Doing this can help create your own clientele that can produce income from many years to come.
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