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Making Money On Ebay Ė Real People, Real Stories And Real Fortunes Made Possible By The Internetís Biggest Auction Site
By Samantha Milner
A lot of people are wondering whether or not they can really make on the internet. These people should be directed to the stories of people who are not only making on eBay, but who are actually making a FORTUNE on eBay.

Ebay, of course, is the World Wide Webís biggest auction site where sellers can put up items and visitors can either bid on them or purchase them outright if there is a Buyout (BO) price.

But to think of eBay as a mere auction site would be quite myopic.

The truth is this: eBay is a highway towards unlimited wealth for people who know how to navigate its system.

Letís look at the story of David Wirtenberg who is making on eBay using the convention auction setup. David sells engagement rings that are usually purchasable at $700 to a high $5,000. However, whenever he starts an auction over at eBay, he starts with the price of 99 cents. Itís an excellent way to win peopleís attention Ė by giving them the lowest price possible. David admits that sometimes, he does lose following this model, but often, he makes a killing by rousing up the competitive fire amongst the bidders. David is making on eBay to the tune of around $10 million per year.
Setting up auctions isnít the only way of making on eBay, however.
An eBay account can even become a rich commodity itself.

Take the case of Jay and Marie Senese, a couple who are very popular amongst the denizens of eBay for having the

highest feedback rating in the history of the auction site. By selling over quarter of a million CDs for a cent each, they were able to amass feedbacks that other sellers can only dream of. How did they capitalize on what they had? They sold their account for a whopping $5 million!

Tiffany Tanaka invented a new system of making on eBay. She targeted people who always wanted to sell their stuff on eBay but who havenít started trying for one reason or another Ė either they didnít know how to proceed or they didnít have the confidence that theyíd succeed. Tiffany gathered consignments from her external website and sold the entrusted items via her eBay account, with a little markup of course. Her total sales to date: an impressive $2.7 million.

A lot of the internet marketing superstars today use eBay as an extension of the official online stores. And there are even offline merchants who have decided not to create websites for their real world businesses. Instead, they have chosen to use eBay as the online extension of their brick and mortar shops.

Making on eBay isnít limited to a specific business model. You can sell your own product. You can buy an item for a lower price and sell it for profit. You can find a drop shipper and act as a broker for its goods.

The methods of making on eBay are as diverse as the ideas that people nurture.

But one thing is beyond doubt Ė eBay is a goldmine for people who know how to dig.

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