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How To Make Money Selling Monavie
By Tony Bernard
Selling MonaVie can be difficult, especially when people don't understand how great it is. So, what I'm going to do is share with you some tips on how to make selling MonaVie. That way, you will know how to sell it the easy way.

The tips on selling MonaVie are:

1. The first tip on making selling MonaVie is to understand your product. You must understand how MonaVie will help people. You need to know the benefits. This will help you understand who will buy the juice from you.

Don't try to sell someone the juice based on all the benefits. You will sound like a used car salesman if you do. An example would be if you tried to sell the MonaVie juice to a college kid and told him it's good for anti-aging, and the kid said I'm not interested, and then you said well...it's good for your health and will boost your energy.

Focus on one benefit and find the people who will want to buy it.

2. The next tip after understanding the benefits of the product is to identify the right people. After you understand the benefit, you need to find

the right people who will buy the juice from you. I'll go with the example I used above.

If you focus on the anti-aging benefit, the people who will buy from you are the people who want to slow down the aging process. People who are 40 years old and above. This will make it easy for you to sell MonaVie.

3. The third tip on making selling MonaVie is to have a system set up. You need a system in place that's easy for your downline to use. The system must be duplicable. When you have a system in place, you will be able to attract dozens of people to your business.

Your system should be able to find the right people (or attract the right people) and deliver the product based on needs of people who wants it.

These are some tips on how to make selling MonaVie. If you are serious about making in your business, you should do something about it now. People are wanting the benefits of the acai berry. They want the benefits offered by MonaVie.

So, use these tips now to help grow your downline and to help you acheive financial freedom.
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