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Make Easy Money
By Chris Cameron
My intension is not to answer the above question but rather to share a couple of thoughts on this very interesting and pertinent topic: “Make Easy Money.”

The question off course on everybody’s lips is: “Can a person make easy money?” Maybe to start off with we need to answer the following question: “What is easy money?” Is it that just rolls in without lifting your finger? Is it that one gets for little effort? In the context of this article I’m not asking these questions purely based on the internet industry but based on life as we live it. I think most people will agree with me that Easy was earned the easy way in other words for little or no effort. But then surely we shouldn’t refer to the term “earn” then? (EARN – get something by working or in return for what you have done)

I think most people will not use these three words in the same sentence: work, earn and easy. For most of us the first two go together because the way we were taught by the experts was to study so you can work in order to earn. Nowhere does the term “easy” feature.


back at the title of this article nowhere does the word “earn” feature so let’s get back to the topic in hand. (MAKE – bring something into existence, especially by putting things together) Read the above definition again, interesting isn’t it? So to put the definition in other words if we take things put them together and bring something into existence then we’ve made something. Hell but that sounds simple and easy enough. There are two problems that I can see though and those are the words something and things in the definition. Unfortunately the definition doesn’t tell us what those things are that we must put together to bring that something into existence.

In order to make easy we have to put things together in order to bring something into existence but at the same time we shouldn’t work too hard because then we earn which isn’t easy anymore. I am going to leave you with that last thought in mind as I am sure you are as confused as I am right now. To make easy therefore in my opinion isn’t as straight forward as it seems.

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