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5 Ways To Make Money Online Without A Website Or A List
By Jinger Jarrett

Although there is some debate within the internet marketing community on whether or not you need a website and/or list, there are those on both sides who are making a lot of money.
Whether you build a website or a list depends on certain factors. Although these are effective ways to build your business and can allow you to recycle your traffic, there is also a certain amount of maintenance involved in using these two techniques to build your business.
For those who are looking to make a full time income without a lot of hassle, it's easily possible to do it without a website or a list. You also don't need a product. In fact, these techniques work just as well with affiliate programs.
Here are five easy ways to make online without a website or list:
1. Bum Marketing
This is a term coined by internet marketer Travis Sago. What you do is choose topics you are interested in and have a market, find products on the topic and then write as many articles as possible to promote those products.
2. Video Marketing
Videos are very popular, and once you learn how to create them, it's actually easier to create videos than write articles. You may create video tutorials and walk throughs of the products you are marketing.
3. Classified Ads

List is one of the top 50 websites on the internet. It's a very popular website and gets billions of page views every month. This is only one example.
There are tons of free and low cost classified ad sites where you may post your ads and advertise your products or services.
4. Forum Marketing
Forum marketing is one of the fastest ways to make online provided you have some specialized knowledge of the topics you are promoting. In fact, internet marketer Alok Jain used this technique to earn around $350 a day.
If you are looking for the fastest way to get started without spending money, this is the way.
5. Pay Per Click
This is by far the most lucrative way to make without a website or a list. It's also the only technique that requires you spend money.
There are those online who make over one million dollars a year doing using pay per click with affiliate programs. If you have the spare cash, and you aren't interested in creating your products, this is the best way to get started.
Regardless of how you decide you want to make online, remember that the most lucrative way to do it is to find techniques that work. Then, take action on those techniques. Ultimately, the key to making online is to take action.
Like these tips? Then let me teach you how to make money online using these techniques. Get your free internet marketing membership: www.killermarketingarsenal.com/ezine/. Get 7 more free money making strategies here: www.askjingernow.com.

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