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Unclaimed Money In Texas Reaches Billions
By Arthor Pens
Texas is a big state with big unclaimed money. The amount of unclaimed lying with the Texas State Comptroller's office is $2 billion and as per their estimates there are some 200,000 people who are entitled to a share of this but donít know it. In recent times, the state has been able to return more than $532 million to its rightful owners.

As in most states, the amount of unclaimed continues to grow with each passing year. This is because for every 10 people who make the effort to trace that is due to them, there are 15 more who donít realize that they have owing and so do not make the effort.

When people move to new locations, they often forget to leave a forwarding address. Because of this tax refunds and insurance payments are not delivered. In many cases people have inheritances due to them but the executors of the estate are unable to find the beneficiaries. All these funds and any others that are due to a person who cannot be located goes to the State Comptroller's office where it stays until the rightful owner is either found or comes forward to make a claim.

Are there any bank accounts, savings accounts, safe deposit boxes, forgotten paychecks, stock dividends or gift certificates that you have forgotten about or may be unaware of? These need not even be in your name. You are entitled to any unclaimed that may have belonged to a person now deceased if you are the rightful beneficiary.

One of the reasons why there is so much unclaimed in Texas and other states is that most people think that its always the other guy who gets lucky in this way and so they donít bother to check and see if

money is due to them. Its worthwhile to go through old family records to see if there is any that may have been forgotten about or was not received. Even if you are not sure about the correct situation or donít have any information, there's no harm in checking up to see if some of Texas's $2 billion in unclaimed could be rightfully yours.

Go to a good unclaimed website and see how easy it is to search for that could be yours.

You have a few options for which database to use to conduct your search:

1. Use an "All-in-One" database

This is the best option for conducting your unclaimed funds search. An all in one database has from all 50 states and federal databases. Usually an all in one site will offer free searches to make sure you are owed before accessing the database.

2. See which accounts are yours by looking at the name and origin of the money. You may also see a past or present address associated with the account that is yours.

3. Once you have identified the unclaimed property accounts owed to you all you have to do is print a claim for and submit it with the require proof of identification. Proof of identification is usually copies of a driver's license or state issued ID card and a birth certificate or social security card.

The claim review process takes anywhere from 2 to 16 weeks depending on the state or agency you are submitting the claim to.

If you have a problem with your claim call the agency and request to speak to the unclaimed property division.

Now you are armed with all you need to know about unclaimed property. So go find and claim yours today!
Cashunclaimed offers more information about unclaimed money at cashunclaimed.com. This missing money site offers a FREE SEARCH for unclaimed cash, just enter you name and locate your missing money today!

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