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Unclaimed Money Talks
By Ray Eddings
Did you know that over $35 billion of unclaimed assets which are owed to millions of United States citizens are going to the government? Laws force banks to return unclaimed cash from dormant accounts, unused gift cards and un-cashed checks. No effort is made to locate the rightful owners of these unclaimed assets. And now the states are considering using this unclaimed for their own budget problems.

There are untold billions of dollars of unclaimed government owed to individuals throughout the United States for reasons as simple as they forgot about their missing or didn't even know they were owed any money. Often this happens because of death, illness, and poor record

keeping. And its up to you to find out if is owed to you.

It has been said that around 90 of the population has unclaimed money. With the states eager to benefit such these unearned assets from the unclaimed property it is clear that they no interest in locating the rightful owners.

To find out if you are owed unclaimed contact you local, state and finally federal governments. It can be tough working through the bureaucracy but it would be worth it to find some unclaimed owed to you, right? Alternatively, there are paid services that will search the records for you. Either way, don't let your languish in some government office; claim it!
Ray Eddings is a freelance writer. This article written on behalf of Unclaimed Money Talks. To learn more about unclaimed money or how money talks visit unclaimed-money-talks.com.

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