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Ways Of Sending Money Overseas
By Sam Kay

Sending overseas is now just a click away with recent advancements in digital technology. Before, the only ways available are through orders and bank transfers. Thanks to the internet and online banking, the process of transferring from one country to another have become a lot faster, easier, safer and cheaper.
Money accessed from one credit account and sent online are commonly called cash transfers.This can be done via Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal and Xoom among others. Western Union has led the way in this market, and now now has about 200,000 branches worldwide. It boasts of millions of users in the 190 countries where it is currently offered. It also maintains a website that helps users easily calculate the cost of sending a certain amount to a recipient in any destination country.
Both Western Union and Gram can process transfer either online or by phone. Each transaction is facilitated with a unique control number to secure the transfer process. Payment for online and phone transfers is done though credit card or debit card. Depending on the recipient's location, the actual transfer normally takes less than an hour. The recipient should be able to present proper identification when he comes to a branch to claim the sent money. Also, it helps to speed up the whole process if the recipient knows the transaction control number.
Western Union and Moneygram still offer transfer service done the old-fashioned way. To facilitate transactions sans the internet or phone, a sending agent and receiving agent are used. However, these transactions require cash payment. The list of both companies' transfer agents are available on their respective websites.
Paypal, on the other hand, transfer overseas easily through an email address and a credit card.

Paypal, an eBay company, has more than 95 million membership worldwide, and is offered in more than 50 countries. To ensure a convenient, safe and speedy transfer operation, Paypal taps into the latest fraud prevention mechanisms available today. It features Verified, an advanced internet tool that can verify the existence of credit accounts online.
To send via Paypal, you have to first sign up for a Paypal account on its website. To send from a credit card, register first with Verified, a special tool that verifies your credit account online. After this, just enter the email address of the recipient and the amount to be sent, make sure that the entries are correct, and then press send. This whole process ensures that the is securedly and easily transferred to the recipient's Paypal account.
Another online service that is fast becoming popular is Xoom. Its website also features a cost calculator in a very user-friendly format. Now avaiable in 39 countries, Xoom operates 24/7, and is known to offer the lowest rates. Still, actual costs differ mainly as a result of the amount of to be sent and the online facilities present in the location of the recipient.
For those preferring to send the older and traditional ways, bank transfers and orders are still being offered worldwide. Aside from actual cash, can come in the form of checks and drafts. Checks, however, may be easy to prepare and send but it can be costly and time-consuming for the recipient. Clearing of checks overseas could take as much as a month and a half. Also, there are some banks who do not accept foreign-drawn checks.
Wire transfer, on the other hand, is available for those without a bank account. This can be a bit more expensive but it takes less time and is normally completed within one business day.
For further information on sending money overseas, click this Link : Financial

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