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Make Money Online-3 Major Reasons Why 98% Of Network Marketers Fail To Make Money Online
By James Byrd
When i started my internet marketing career with my first mlm opportunity, i was fortunate to be on a team, so i wasn't alone. I was also very coachable and confident in my ability to take aggressive action and be successful in this business opportunity. The problem with that was that my upline did not have a clue about how to make online or build a downline.

I made myself available to team conference calls, made of list of 100 family and friends but i never made any online because of these 3 major reasons. They were lack of duplication, effective advertising and specialized training.

Lack of Duplication
I burnt through my warm market offline and now i had no place to go but to try to sell to my cold market. I had no duplicatable system from my upline and because of that my dwindling downline had nothing to duplicate. If you are starting an online home based business without a way to have duplication of all your team, you will eventually fail at trying to make online because most of the compensation plans for online opportunities are matrix pay plans and they require a team using duplication of effort to be earn a paycheck online. You must have the ability to build a downline. The lack of duplication leads to no downline and opens the door for


Lack Of Advertising.

You companies replicated website may be impressive and attractive but if you are unable to drive traffic to it by advertising, you will never make any online or off- line. Opportunity seekers will not by "happenstance" show up at your website to sign up for your companies services and solutions. You will have to advertise your business using targeted marketing methods (PPC=Pay Per Click,etc). Not only that you will have to know how to write ads that pull or attract customers because you will need an endless supply of fresh mlm network marketing leads for your business.

Lack of Specialized Training.

It seems strange that people expect to make online in a legitimate business opportunity without any Specialized Training. People go to college for 4-6 years to specialize in a specific field of work, but many network marketers lack the business skills and interpersonal skills that leads to a lack of self-confidence to be successful online.

To increase the probability of success, we as network marketing entrepreneurs should look for an opportunity that provides duplication, advertising and the specialized training that will allow us to make online instead of creating mountains of debt and frustrations.
James B Byrd is a successful Network Marketer and an Online Business & Marketing Coach. Click Here For 3 Proven Steps to GET FREE Quality Leads and Triple Your Income in 90 Days Or Less

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