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Perfect Money
By Perfect author
Perfect – is a new payment system. Its founders make plans, in particular, to take by the end of 2008 the second place after Web at the market of electronic payment systems of the CIS. According to the company management statements, its headquarters are situated in the city of Zurich (Switzerland) although the legal address is in Panama. There's too little information about the company (the domain is registered in November, 2004, but, it looks like it hasn't been used till 2008, for there's no data about the domain in web archive Archive.org; while the advertising campaign of any kind has not been noticed in the net).
Design of the company's site is creative and functional enough and it fully satisfies the demand of the severity of style and minimalism, which are usually inherent in sites of financial subjects. The multilingual interface is also pleases: the site is translated into 13 languages! I can't judge pages with other languages, but at least Russian-speaking version is executed competently and does not have stylistic and grammatical mistakes so common for Russian pages of other multilingual sites.

Some Andrew Draper is at the head of PM.
"The Registration in Panama enables us to declare that we never block accounts of users, until we get the decision of the Panama court on this question",- says Andrew Draper in his interview. And still the total refusal from accounts blocking is a fact which speaks more against the company, as it turns out, that Perfect is loyal concerning the service usage for legalisation of the illegal incomes.

Let's shortly consider the basic aspects of work with payment system. So, let's start with the registration process.

The registration process in Perfect is simple. The system demands the minimum data on the person. The obligatory fields in the registration form are: "Name", "City", "Country", "Postal index", "E-mail".
What is the threat of false information? The appearance of problems with the account restoration in case of loss of the control over it (the loss of the password, account cracking etc.). The choice between the possibility of occurrence of these problems and fear of giving some personal information to people from the "dark horse" company is up to you.
Next you have to choose an account type (Personal - for private persons and Business - for the commercial organizations) and to think of the password for it. For safety purposes, there is a possibility not to enter the password manually, but to take advantage of the graphic keyboard interface.
After you press "registration" button (not having forgotten to check the "I have looked through the service conditions and agree with them" box), a letter with a six-digit number (ID), assigned to your account will be sent to your e-mail. Account number will be your login in the system. Besides, your ID is indicated as a number of the addressee's account during the remittances inside the system.

3 kinds of accounts are accessible for the Perfect users: in terms of US dollars (USD), euro (EUR) and troy gold ounces (GOLD). In future the accounts in terms of the Swiss francs are also planned to be introduced. Besides the accounts created on default, you can also create additional accounts in terms of any of these three currencies.
At any moment you can make an exchange of one type of the currency which are available on your account, for another, at an internal course of system.
To check up history of operations on each account, click number of the account which is the operating reference.
The transaction number is assigned to every internal payment in the system. On the "Extract" inlay on your account you can check up all financial operations carried out earlier. Any operation can be traced under number of transaction or date, and also by the form of the action on your account (creation, cancellation, sending etc.).

There are 3 types of user status in the system: Normal, Premium and Partner. The first is assigned to all the participants right after registration. The second can be assigned to a client on submitting of application after 1 year or after achieving of a certain indicator of the funds turnover. The peculiarity of the Premium status is a number of commission deductions, smaller, than the Normal status has. And, finally, Partner status is assigned according to the Perfect administration decision unilaterally, for the B2B payments fulfilment optimisation.
Perfect offers 2 types of remittances. The first is a usual individual payment. The second is a payment according to the schedule, convenient, for example, if the regular (monthly, weekly, etc.) payments for services are needed to be carried out. In this case it is necessary for you to specify the period of the payment performance besides the addressee’s number of the payment and the transfer sum on the "Payment according to the schedule" inlay.
The minimum transfer sum inside the system makes 0,01 USD or EUR and 10 USD in gold equivalent.
For automation of reception of remittances on the sites the system offers API (the advanced program interface) with the detailed description.
The user's account in Perfect Money, unlike accounts in other payment systems, possesses properties of the bank deposit, which means that monthly the percent is charged. For accounts with the Normal status the size of charges makes 7 % per annum, for accounts with the Premium and Partner statuses the percent is higher. Charge of percent is carried out on " the maintenance margin requirement", the size of which I didn't manage to find. Besides, each month you receive 1 % per annum from the minimum

account balance of your referrals. That is the partner program of the system, and you must confess, that it is rather favorable - if, of course, referrals have reasons to enter in the system and keep it there.

The Perfect system works with a significant amount of electronic currencies owing to which you can replenish your account by means of such currencies as, for example, e-gold, pecunix. This operation can be carried automatically via merchants of the given electronic payment systems.

The multicurrency of the system's partner exchange stations and their time-proved reliability make the replenishment of balance a simple and safe operation.
At present there are 4 exchange stations.
http://www.trodexltd.com/ (Certificated partner Perfect Money)
The fee for safety tools usage
SMS informing $0.1
Annual service $0

Dollars look like Uxxxxxxx (7-digit number)
Euro. EEEEEEE (7-digit number)
Gold. Gxxxxxxx (7-digit number). According to the PM's statistics department, the increase in volume of the means deposited by clients is by 47% higher in comparison with December, 2007.
There is a possibility of creating additional three purses of each kind.
Traditionally there is internal mail for an exchange of messages between participants of the PerfectMoney system

There are 3 possible ways of deposit/withdrowal of resources in Perfect Money:
Bank remittance; the application for a remittance is considered by the system operators within 24 hours before the answer is sent to an internal mail box of the client in the system. The minimum sum of such a deposit makes 1000 USD.
Via the exchange stations which are the partners of the system; the list of such stations is given here. You can see there well known Russian-speaking services, like Superchange.
By means of an exchange from other electronic payment processors. At present transfers from/on Pecunix are accessible. There's also Webmoney in the list, but if you choose replenishment this way, you will be transfered to the page with the list of exchange stations-partners of the system and if you go through the list, you will see, that none of these stations produces the exchange in these directions at the moment - the result of Webmoney policy toughening as to the exchange operations.

The company promises not to raise the fee for internal transfers in 2009 - the move resorted to by Liberty Reserve in dew time at the opening. Input of funds by means of bank remittance is also carried out without any fee. At account replenishment through Pecunix you'll be taken 6%, at withdrawal of resources - 3 %.
The system takes a considerable percent for a conclusion of to the bank account - $50 + 2 % (but there is a maximum level of fees - $1000).
Like in any other system, safety of your on the account first of all depends on you. I remind: never tell anybody your password. Besides, never open attachments in the letters from unknown senders and do not visit any references given by little-known and unchecked people. If you lose your password, the restoration procedure will cost you $100.
There are 3 protective actions against the account cracking provided, and you can choose which of them to use.
1."Verification of authenticity of the user".
This measure with an unfamiliar and such a solid name means only the verification of IP. At attempt of login to the account from IP, which does not belonging to the user, the admission is blocked, and the security code is sent to the user's e-mail. The system does not give any possibility to enter the IP list, therefore, I personally think, this tool to be inconvenient, if only you do not have a constant allocated IP.
2. "SMS authorization". If you give your cell number on this inlay, you can take advantage of log in by means of SMS authorization, when the text message with the authorization code is sent for the identification of the account owner. Pay your attention, that this service is paid: SMS informing costs $0.1 per one message.
3. "A code card". A card with a graphic code is sent to the user's e-mail. For acknowledgement of transaction the system sends the user the inquiry about a random code from the given card.
Another security measure, to some extant, is the information about your last visit to the system, including last IP from which the login has been made. If you don't use safety option  1, at least, do not forget to check whether there has been a login from somebody else's IP, each time you log in.
You can update your safety options any moment on "Safety" inlay in your account.
The Partner Program
Just like many other payment systems, Perfect has the partner program. Everyone, who involve a new user to the system has a possibility to receive 1 % per annum from the maintenance margin requirement per month. Payments occur monthly.
Thus, summing up the short review of Perfect payment system, we can make the following conclusions:
1. Perfect leaders carry out active marketing policy, directed on attraction of new users of the system, particularly on the CIS territory.
2. Among the benefits of the system we can mark:
- Absence of the fees for transfers inside the payment system (in 2009)
- Charge of percent for the maintenance margin requirement on the participants' inputs.

We strive to provide only quality articles, so if there is a specific topic related to money that you would like us to cover, please contact us at any time.

And again, thank you to those contributing daily to our free unclaimed government money website.

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