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My Music Ticket Social Network - Your New Home Business Money Generator
By FastSubmitArticles.com
We all know in today's busy life, social networks are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. You can share your joys, sorrows, triumphs and losses over the net despite the distant. Registration on these networks is free and you can even have a web page of your own for sharing videos, images, music, in short sharing your life. One of the positives about some of the social networks today is that other than having a place to keep up with family and friends, there are also ways of generating an income.

Here are just a few of the ways you can make on working in social network groups:

1. Blogging: Create blogs to speak about your passions or talk about anything that you feel strongly about.

2. Emailing: You can earn when you are emailing your friends, family and loved ones.

3. Chatting: Chat away and earn money.

4. Through your videos: Share your videos and photos and make an online income!

5. Sharing music: Earn by sharing the music you like with your friends!

In short, you can generate with just about everything you do in a social network environment. So, with this My Music Ticket social network you can generate great profit while you spend your time chatting, emailing or sharing stuff with your friends. You are really not doing anything extra but yet you earn money! How

cool is that! With some networks you can even have a regular cash flow from things such as:

Monthly Residual Income plans
Fast start Bonus
Page view revenue sharing pool
Platinum, gold and silver pools

Most social networks have different levels of membership that range from free up to $100, and no matter what level you are on you will be able to generate an income. Even on the free level of this home based business opportunity.

Among the many social networks on the scene today there is one called My Music Ticket has grabbed the attention of netizens worldwide. One of the main differences between this social networking community and others is that it is sharing a portion of its revenue with members, and this is making it a network that many people are clamoring to join. They also have a very unique focus, which is musicians and music that makes it a very appealing social network platform.

At present they are in their stage one beta testing and running stress tests on their servers. However they are inviting people to go ahead and begin making profiles, upload pictures and videos; so might as well give it a shot. After all it looks like this a company that is doing it right from the beginning. If My Music Ticket is half as successful as something like myspace or facebook, you could see the next big giant in the making!
Get more information about My Music Ticket as well as other featured home based business opportunities.

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